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ESG is high on the agenda for shipping companies with IMO 2020 (with the goal of reducing emissions) and the Hong Kong convention (ship recycling) being implemented.

The world merchant fleet must adapt to a “green policy” onboard their vessels, leading to an increased demand for recyclable substitutes, e.g. paper cartons to replace plastic bottles.

The green choice for the shipping industry

  • Tetra Pak cartons are made of renewable material and are 100% recyclable.
  • Efficient to transport thus reducing the overall environmental impact.
  • Easy to recycle or disposed by incinerators on board vessels.

The problem with plastic

In 2016, 32% of the 78m tons of plastic packaging was left to flow into our oceans and if this trend is allowed to continue, there would be more plastic than sea-life in the worlds oceans by 2050.

Several countries have already taken action to improve their guidelines for handling plastic waste. A huge amount of plastic has until now been mismanaged in ways such as being openly burned, irresponsibly dumped, or left to leak into oceans and waterways.

Plastic ban - it’s time to change

The Government of Ghana and Kenya have already formed extended bans of plastic use and will continuously work on implementing several plastic restrictions to get to a new phase of environmental friendliness.

India is working on a plastic ban onboard vessels (Indian flagged and foreign) in Indian territorial waters, while Kuwait has already posed a similar ban. Other countries are expected to follow.

Transport efficiency to our factory in Breivik, Norway

The cartons are transported on paper rolls. 1,5 million carton “bottles” only requires 1 truck

Fully formed PET bottles require approx 13 trucks

This is just the beginning

Directly from our new, state of the art bottling plant in Telemark, our Fresh Norwegian Water is packaged into 40 ft Containers, each of which holds in excess of 15,500 boxes of 1.5 Ltr Cartons.

These containers are then dispatched internationally from the local seaport of Brevik, Norway.

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