Bottled water

But not as you know it

We are the official water at Dubai Expo Norway pavillion 2020. Fresh Norwegian drinking water, housed in an eco friendly, recyclable carton.

With Fresh Water Norway, you will not only reduce your plastic consumption but also become carbon negative.

Fresh Water Norway will offsett twice as much when delivering the water world wide.

A new innovative product for the all industries to have safe, fresh drinking water , with a miniscule carbon footprint and recycling capability.


Shipowners are obliged to provide clean drinking water to their crew whilst on board their vessels.


Tetra Pak cartons are made of renewable material and are fully recyclable.


The cartons are efficient to transport thus providing optimized logistics.

green policy

ESG is high on the agenda for shipping companies with IMO 2020

Our Product

Fresh Water Norway has access to about 1 billion litres of Pure Norwegian mineral water annually from Telemark.

Laboratory Analysis reports clearly demonstrate that as a Freshwater source, the Telemark basin ranks among the highest in Europe for quality and has achieved the enviable accolade of “Best Drinking Water in Norway”.



In 2016, 32% of the 78m tons of plastic packaging was left to flow into our oceans and if this trend is allowed to continue, there would be more plastic than sea-life in the worlds oceans by 2050.

Fresh Water Norway will use environmental and storage-friendly 1.5 litres cartons from Tetra Pak, Sweden. Tetra Pak cartons are made of renewable material and are 100% recyclable.

The cartons are efficient to transport thus providing optimized logistics which reduce the overall environmental impact.

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Looking to THE FUTURE

Fresh Water Norway are pleased to announce that we will be adding the 0.5 liter Tetra Top to our product range in 2021!

Our mission

Our primary focus is to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles within the shipping Industry, whilst providing Premium Quality drinking water to seafarers.

Our innovative cartons ensure sustainable distribution and provide more flexibility in terms of waste and recycling options.

This is just the beginning

Directly from our new, state of the art bottling plant in Telemark, our Fresh Norwegian Water is packaged into 40 ft Containers, each of which holds in excess of 15,500 boxes of 1.5 Ltr Cartons.

These containers are then dispatched internationally from the local seaport of Brevik, Norway.

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