It is with great pride that we introduce our Pure, Fresh Norwegian Drinking Water which is presented in our New, Innovative and Eco-Friendly Paper Carton.



With a miniscule carbon footprint and recycling capability, our cartons are Environmentally Friendly and make a significant contribution towards the goal of reducing the consumption of plastic water bottles globally.




Prior to arriving in Telemark, our Freshwater has completed a natural and fascinating journey through the picturesque Mountains and Countryside of Norway.

Whilst meandering its way through this perfectly composed environment, it becomes organically infused with a natural balance of nutrients and minerals which are essential for health, vitality and hydration.




Directly from our new, state of the art bottling plant in Telemark, our Fresh Norwegian Water is packaged into 40 ft Containers, each of which holds in excess of 15,500 boxes of 1.5 Ltr Cartons.

These containers are then dispatched internationally from the local seaport of Brevik, Norway.

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Our primary focus is to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles within the Shipping Industry, whilst providing Premium Quality drinking water to seafarers.

Our innovative cartons ensure sustainable distribution and provide more flexibility in terms of waste and recycling options.