Fresh Water 1,5L ( 10x 1,5)


Product Description

Fresh Water Norway recomends everyone to drink water from their tap at home. If this is not possible, you no longer need to use plastic bottles when buying water. Freshwater is now available on carton – square and space-afficient. The cartons are created to be flat-packed and can be recyled with other paper waste. Simple, environmentally friendly and space-afficient for your home, cottage, boat or campsite.   In recent years, there have unfortunately been many examples that our tap water is not a  matter of caouse. Not even in Norway. Various bacterial blooms have led to disease and the need for closure or boiling of the water in several places in the country.
The ministry of safety and emergency preparedness recomends all household to have 9 liters of water pr person. (   Our cartons are a good alternative for emergency water as the cartons have a long shelf life and dont have light penetration. This means that the water stays fresh much longer.