The green choice of potable water

Fresh Water Norway has access to about 1 billion litres of Pure Norwegian mineral water annually from Telemark.

Laboratory Analysis reports clearly demonstrate that as a Freshwater source, the Telemark basin ranks among the highest in Europe for quality and has achieved the enviable accolade of “Best Drinking Water in Norway”.

Water isn’t just water

Water is the elixir of life. According to the Maritime Labour convention, all shipowners are obliged to provide clean drinking water to their crew whilst on board their vessels.

Fresh Water Norway prides itself in meeting all bottled water standards for quality and safety at Norwegian and International levels.

Independent certified laboratories will perform extensive tests on the water source and the finished water cartons to ensure compliance with all bottled water requirements.

Water that has passed through harsh and heavy filters to remove bacteria or salt content will contain little to none of the natural nutrients which are vital for hydration and health.

The Nutrition Facts of water from Fresh Water Norway:

NA (sodium) 3.34
CA (calcium) 26.3
MG (magnesium) 0.9
CL (chloride) 9.5
F (fluoride) 0.1
SO4 (sulfate) 18
PH (PH level) 7.7-8.2
TDS (total dissolved solids) 83

The Carton

Fresh Water Norway will use environmental and storage-friendly 1.5 litres cartons from Tetra Pak, Sweden.

The Tetra Pak carton has an aseptic and non-toxic leach foliated inner, which ensures optimum quality retention for both consumer safety and satisfaction.

In addition, the non-transparent carton shields the water from UV-light penetration thereby extending shelf-life longevity for several years.

The innovative materials and processes adopted in the manufacturing process of our cartons result in 74% reduction of harmful emissions, primarily CO2, compared to that of a standard PET plastic bottle.

Tetra Pak uses the least amount of materials possible to create a functional, protective package whilst maximizing the proportion of renewable material.

Distribution & recycling

The cartons are efficient to transport thus providing optimized logistics which reduce the overall environmental impact.

The design of these cartons allows pallet and container optimization with minimal damage.

Tetra Pak cartons are made of renewable material and are 100% recyclable. The Cartons can be flattened completely, or, disposed by incinerators on board vessels.

Logistically it’s a no brainer

The brick shape of the carton allows for optimal storage when full as the amount of air left between the cartons when stacked is minimal, especially compared to cylinder formed bottles.


Fresh Water Norway is collaborating with Tetra Pak, Sweden to install a full production in Brevik, Norway with an annual capacity of 30 million 1,5 ltr cartons.

Another 3 lines offering different sizes of cartons (0,33-1,5 ltr) will be added at a later stage increasing capacity to about 130 million cartons annually.

The production plant is located next to an ISPS-approved port, allowing for efficient and sustainable export. The Brevik port has regular connection to main shipping ports worldwide.

This is just the beginning

Directly from our new, state of the art bottling plant in Telemark, our Fresh Norwegian Water is packaged into 40 ft Containers, each of which holds in excess of 15,500 boxes of 1.5 Ltr Cartons.

These containers are then dispatched internationally from the local seaport of Brevik, Norway.

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