Fresh Water Norway was born out of a desire to contribute to the health and well-being of our oceans. With a shared passion for the sea and an ambition to do more, Alf Andersen and John Hatleskog founded Fresh Water Norway.

Both founders have been actively involved in the shipping industry for over 30 years, Alf as CEO at Oslo Bulk, John as a respected shipping veteran.

Fresh Water Norway is a Norwegian company with a very specific mission. In a world of bottled water, they have their own purpose-built cartons factory which produce fresh norwegian water on to Tetra Pak cartons. The idea evolved when its founders discovered how much plastic is dumped into the oceans as a result of bottled water consumption in the industry. Fresh Water Norway is an eco-friendly solution that has a real impact on the environment.


Fresh Water Norway is collaborating with Tetra Pak, Sweden to install a full production plant in Brevik, Norway.

Annual capacity of 27 million 1,5 ltr and 46 million 0,5 liters cartons.

The production plant is located 150 meter from an ISPS-approved port, allowing for efficient and sustainable export. The Brevik port has regular connection to main shipping ports worldwide.