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Our Founding Members, Mr. John Hatleskog and Mr. Alf Andersen have been actively involved in the Shipping Industry for over 30 years and both share a passion for the well-being of seafarers and cleanliness of our Oceans.

The poor quality of potable water supplied in some ports and the absence of any nutrients found in evaporated sea water both contribute to the excessive consumption of plastic bottles within the Shipping Industry. This is of great concern to us all and was the driving force behind the inception of Freshwater Norway.

Produced in Norway

Fresh Water Norway is collaborating with Tetra Pak, Sweden to install a full production in Brevik, Norway with an annual capacity of 30 million 1,5 ltr cartons.

Another 3 lines offering different sizes of cartons (0,33-1,5 ltr) will be added at a later stage increasing capacity to about 130 million cartons annually.

The production plant is located next to an ISPS-approved port, allowing for efficient and sustainable export. The Brevik port has regular connection to main shipping ports worldwide.

Spring Water – not purified tap water

This is just the beginning

Directly from our new, state of the art bottling plant in Telemark, our Fresh Norwegian Water is packaged into 40 ft Containers, each of which holds in excess of 15,500 boxes of 1.5 Ltr Cartons.

These containers are then dispatched internationally from the local seaport of Brevik, Norway.

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