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Alf Andersen and John Hatleskog, cofounded this project.

They have both been actively involved in the shipping industry for over 30 years, Alf as CEO at Oslo Bulk, John as a respected shipping veteran.

There has always been a desire in them to contribute to making a difference in the world. They found their opportunity to make that happen in water, an essential element for life and an opportunity to set an example. Their common passion for the well-being of their crew and a common concern for the future of the oceans, became the driving force behind  Fresh Water Norway.

A huge amount of plastic has up until now been badly mismanaged. The plastic bottles has been openly burned, irresponsibly dumped or left to leak into our oceans and waterways. It has to stop. If we dont do anything there will be more plastic than life in the ocean by 2050.

Our production plant

Fresh Water Norway is collaborating with
Tetra Pak, Sweden to install a full production plant in Brevik, Norway.

Annual capacity of 27 million 1,5 ltr and 46 million 0,5 liters cartons.

The production plant is located 150 meter from an ISPS-approved port, allowing for efficient and sustainable export. The Brevik port has regular connection to main shipping ports worldwide.

Spring Water – not purified tap water

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